I’m a college girl now

Lee University — my home away from home.

On August 12th, 2020, I flew to Tennessee to start college! …and in the middle of a global pandemic, might I add. Crazy right?

I had to leave my friends and family back in California, as well as the house I’ve spent the past eighteen years in. I packed my life into 3 suitcases, 2 cardboard boxes, plus a couple trips to Walmart, and proceeded to move in to one of the tiniest dorm rooms on campus. I think some people underestimated me — given the general reaction of surprise when I told them I had decided to move more than halfway across the country for school — but I like the idea of being the one who took a chance and wholly trusted God’s calling. It’s taught me to constantly be in a heart posture of surrender and humility, which has been a struggle for me because I generally like having my stuff planned out. Being the quiet one of the family and my friend group, it’s super cool that God has opened this door for me to really show everyone, including myself, that I’m capable and driven enough to almost completely uproot in moving away from the familiarity of home. My whole journey leading me to this moment has God’s fingerprints all over it and His faithfulness is so evident every step of the way. I had a lot of moments of doubt during the college decision and application process about finding the right school for me, but even amidst the doubt I had to trust that His plans are always bigger than my own and are only there to prosper me in giving me a platform through which to do Kingdom work.

Now that I’m on campus and I’ve spent about four weeks eating, sleeping, studying, and showering here, I’m certain that I’m in the right place. I have met so many amazing people who love Jesus more than anything and have been blessed with a ton of new adventures to waterfalls, downtown “Chatt”, hall small group, a new home church, intramurals, and much more. Oh and have I mentioned that public relations is feeling more and more perfect every day? Or that Chilhowee Overlook is the most beautiful testament of God’s genius? Ultimately, I’ve seen God working so faithfully through so many answered prayers and heart changes. He’s opened so many doors for me to exercise both confidence and vulnerability, and I continue to find myself stepping out of my comfort zone in so many different ways — from making new friends to learning how to play rugby (my body hated me for it but it was fun to try something new).

I guess you could say God has far exceeded my expectations…and it’s only been four weeks! So excited to see Him continue to move during my time here at Lee. ❤️



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